Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Easing Accounting — The Top Apps to Automate your Number Crunching

Easing Accounting — The Top Apps to Automate your Number Crunching
Accounting and Bookkeeping is crucial to managing day-to-day business finances, developing and generating executive reports, and creating projections for strategic decisions. Though it is central to keeping the business afloat and portraying a realistic picture of the business, manually maintaining accounting is a big challenge to all businessmen.
Given that most accounting software is designed with larger organizations in mind, purchasing them may not be cost-effective or feasible for most small business.  Hence, the reliance of businesses on cloud based accounting apps.
Here is a list of our top apps to completely automate your business accounting and bookkeeping system, as well as bring it on the cloud.


Wave Apps is the most robust and FREE (and forever so) accounting software for small businesses on the planet. With a simple signup you can gain access to a diverse range of features targeted at freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and consultants. WaveApps removes the need for manual entry with its secure integration options.
Featured in The New York Times, Forbes, CNBC, and others, WaveApps offer seamless integration of your PayPal and bank account, as well as other data sources. Hence, all your transactions appear on a single dashboard immediately, allowing generation of extensive reports including sales tax, balance sheets, A/P and A/R, and others. It also allows a seamless invoicing and an affordable payroll system — charged only when you need it.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a simple and easy to use accounting software allowing small businesses to easily organize their transactions in one place, in real-time. Primary features include:
·         Mobility — access customer data and create transactions on the go
·         Automated banking — Get real time cash flow updates, and monitor transactions by connecting your bank account to the app
·         Powerful Reporting Features — Allows creation of reports such as P&L, Statement of Cash Flow, and Balance Sheets.


Xero is an award-winning software renowned for its jargon free, and simple approach to accounting. It offers a simple and intuitive dashboard with real-time display of cash-flow. The software can also generate sophisticated statistics and reports related to your accounts, and recommend decisions relevant to them.

Sellsy Invoicing

Sellsy Invoicing offers a simple yet robust mobile solution for tracking, monitoring, and creating invoices on the go. If you want to keep all your business invoicing at your fingertips, then Sellsy Invoicing is your mobile app. The app also allows you to payment reminders, track expenses, manage inventory, take payments, send/receive invoices, as well as estimating tools as part of its easy feature set.

Financial Force Accounting

Financial Force’s Accounting App is considered as an accounting engine, offering a robust range of accounting features. Features include:
·   A Flexible General Ledger — Capable of handling multiple currencies and business, and  various accounting charts. Perform accruals, as well as automate calculations, and more
·   Real Time Reporting — Robust real-time reporting and management of accounting tasks, including generation of P&Ls, book closing, etc.
·         Cash Management — Remain abreast of changes to your bank account, maintain records of transactions,  reconcile statements, and more
·        Streamline A/P and A/R —Drastically reduce keystrokes through use of standardized templates, automatic calculations, prevention of invoice duplications, etc.

In Conclusion — Automate Today!

Your business cannot do away with accounting “chores”, but you can dramatically reduce the work hours needed to complete the job. Choose the right apps for your needs, and get started today!

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